Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bucket List

Since we're leaving in June-ish, I've started my SF bucket list: Things I want to do before my SF life dies. I figure these things will be good to check off my list while I still have a gaggle of friends around to help me. I hope you will support me in these endeavors.

1. Stay out all night and roam the SF streets, watch the sunrise over the city, eat breakfast at 5am, and sleep all day

2. Participate in a dance contest

3. Film the Party Starters commercial and set up a website

4. Start a 60's girl group (see next item)

5. Fashion a beehive

6. Create my own Home Shopping Craigslist Network complete with a call center backdrop
Inspiration: Brenda Dickson

(i couldn't find a plain screenshot of this scene)

I guess this is my wish list. Two months isn't quite enough time to do it all. The first two are doable. Anyone want to participate/help?

Miss you already,
Megan Marie: the visual designer/dancer in the dark/the esprit de corps


  1. aaah its becoming too real....

    1. i'll stay up all night, and offer my rooftop for the sunrise viewing.
    2. i cant dance as well as you, but would cheer you on with gusto.
    3. i'm tan and muscley and could re-create this look well. i've also got a flip camera.
    4. where do i sign up?
    5. kate can show us all how its done?
    6. you've got the eye and imagination to do this for thrift/vintage finds. for serious.

    i'm crashing on your couch as soon as possible.
    xo sarah/ms. white/ the avant garde

  2. Sarah, I think you're onto something with #6! I can do that anywhere and it would satisfy my thrifting itch.

    Rooftop sunrise! Rooftop sunrise! Rooftop sunrise! Can't wait!

  3. I love that Party Starters inspiration picture! They could surely start any party.

    Oh, and count me in for all of the above.