Friday, October 29, 2010

And can't forget Charlotte

I guess my current girl crush is on Katy Perry

this video is cheesy good to me and i kinda really love the song :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Music rec: Twin Shadow!

Been diggin' this dude's style and wanna share that style with you.

Twin Shadow is the name, and being a dope ass one-man-band is his game. He hails from Brooklyn and sounds like a Greatest Hits collection of all those bands everyone loves, but don't hold that against him! Let's not kid ourselves - this is pop music. But I like the vibe and really enjoy his singing voice.

Two selections for ya...

"Slow" - probably my favorite song at the moment

"Castles in the Snow"

Friday, October 22, 2010

I want to know more

1. What are all four of your grandparents' names? Which ones of them are still alive?

2. What one song you like a lot right....NOW?

3. What band do you like a lot right...................MEOW?

4. What activities make you loose track of time?

5. Name five foods or beverages that have good memories attached to them?

6. If you could choose any celebrities to be your mom and dad, who would they be?

7. What do you normally eat for breakfast?

8. If you could live inside a movie, which one would it be?

9. How many legit cousins do you have? Do you know all of their names?

10. What's your favorite seasonal food you like to eat in winter? spring? summer? fall?

11. When you can't sleep, what do you do?

12. What is the next adventure you'd like to go on in the realistic near future?

13. What color do you think looks dreadful on you?

14. What are your two favorite colors to wear together?

15. At what age should someone have called the fashion police on you?

16. What sweet treat do you enjoy most lately?

17. How do you treat pennies? Do you save them? Throw them away?

18. What's one thing you won't skimp on when purchasing?

19. What's something you get mad at yourself for doing, but you do it anyway?

20. And most importantly, what's your favorite Disney movie?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Spinecrackers photoshoot

Sarah Beth

Ashley Elizabeth

Megan Marie

Katherine "Tate" Kelly

Tianna Marie