Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Music rec: Twin Shadow!

Been diggin' this dude's style and wanna share that style with you.

Twin Shadow is the name, and being a dope ass one-man-band is his game. He hails from Brooklyn and sounds like a Greatest Hits collection of all those bands everyone loves, but don't hold that against him! Let's not kid ourselves - this is pop music. But I like the vibe and really enjoy his singing voice.

Two selections for ya...

"Slow" - probably my favorite song at the moment

"Castles in the Snow"


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  2. I found both of these to be real nice listening. They have nice lines, a fun, frisky use of color. All and all, I'd have to say they're not bad.

    jk jk

    It's a nice mix of smooth, lingering vocals and upbeat without yelling-atcha music beats. I need more new music.

    Thanks Tate!

  3. it is oddly refreshing! he seems real nice