Friday, October 29, 2010

I guess my current girl crush is on Katy Perry

this video is cheesy good to me and i kinda really love the song :)


  1. I actually really liked it!

    It was like a more upbeat and positive "Beautiful" by Xtina. Katy Perry looks really super cute/pretty. Although I have hot and cold feelings for her (yulk yulk), I like her in this video. I appreciate that it's not all about her and her whipped-cream blasters.

    There were some really funny parts:

    1. fireworks during birth for some reason
    2. the "magic stops street jumping" scene

    Thanks for sharing, T! Loves it.

  2. Her hair looks great and I want it! And yeah it's comical while uplifting for sure

  3. Tianna! Let's have a hair dying party and do your hair like that!
    I loved it all except the mother giving birth while firecracking...that made me feel weird.

  4. If it's a boy, she should name him Roman Kandel.