Sunday, October 17, 2010

Spinecrackers photoshoot

Sarah Beth

Ashley Elizabeth

Megan Marie

Katherine "Tate" Kelly

Tianna Marie


  1. DEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWD the lighting in these is out of this world. Every one of them is spooky and gorgeous. I love them. thanks guys! Man o man!

    Why the hell not? I'm going to post my favs of each!

    Sarah: You look amazing! Very soft and lovely and somehow slightly menacing. I like it.
    highlight: Scissors. They are perfectly lit and posed.

    Ashley: Smokin...get it? Italian sex-bomb. Sultry AND badass.
    highlight: There is something really nice about the lighting on your legs and the chair--like there is a small fire below.

    Megan: i like it! I love the abundance of that cool blue.
    highlight: again, i love that lighting on the legs/feet!

    Tate: All I can see are EYES AND LEGS. Damn girl, bewitching!
    highlight: love the lights and how they look like starbursts

    Tianna: You look so gorgeous and elegant. Your eyes are mesmerizing!
    highlight: creepiness factor in those branches. perfect!

    You all are so crazy beautiful, it's unreal.

  2. Sarah: You look like a tough angel
    Ashley: I love the angles and symmetry in this one
    Megan: Really workin it here givin attitude
    Tate: Beautiful chaos
    Tianna: The branches really are perfect, but what about that cheekbone! haha

  3. HOOOLEEEEEE SHAAAIIEEETTT!!! (spelled phonetically)

    First impression: wow! Second impression: I can't believe how Sarah's house looks like a totally different set in each one. Third impression: I love how each picture captures a respective vibe.

    Sarah - this picture has a cool, off-beat fantasy feel to it for me, like a scene from a Japanese knock-off of Lord of the Rings.

    Ashley - this looks like a still from the greatest David Lynch movie never made! The stunning actress with the dark secret meets a detective at a bizarre jazz cabaret.

    Megan - I want this to be on a GD tarot card so GD bad. You look so strong, yet kind and I love how the light seems to be emanating from your heart.

    Tianna - if anyone was born to be goth, it's you. Swear to god, I've never seen anyone wear dark colors better than you can. I imagine you sitting in your parlour, drinking wine, and typing a letter. The full moon outside casts the shadows of winter-plucked trees onto the wall.

    Sorry to get all "Creative Writing 101" on you guys, these just SPEAK to me, okay?

    Big ups to Ashley and her mad photo-taking skills, Megan and her mad make-up skills, and Sarah and her mad styling skills.

  4. Tate, you're totally right about Tianna and her natural goth abilities. I also appreciate your commentary. I love these pics!!

    Tianna, that cheeckbone is bfab! You've got all the right angles.

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    hearts guys, hearts

  5. woweee wow, i love all the analysiseseses!
    everyone looks beautiful!! i have blue eye envy, and thick hair envy to the bone now. all i can say is i wanna do it again, on hanna's terms. makeup caboodle and sequins please!!

  6. oooh shit girl ok! ILWYGWT (I like where you're going with this)