Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I like it a lot


I am writing to inform you that I am way into some music by Marina and the Diamonds. I think you might like her if you don't already. Some songs that stand out are Hollywood, Obsessions, and I am not a robot. She kinda sounds like Shakira sometimes, she has GREAT hair, and her videos are just darling. Anyway, if you're bored tonight take a peek at her videos via youtube.com or check out the blog/website at marinaandthediamonds.com. Loves ya!

If you follow this link you will find a nice acoustic version of Hollywood, but the regular version is admittedly more fun!



  1. I was thinking "Man, she looks just like Catherine Zeta-Jones with a smear of Shakira" and then she sang about it. She seems sassy - what's her story??

  2. Let's see...she is part Greek part Welsh, her name is Marina Diamandis (Greek for Diamonds), and she got her start using garageband. Tate, I've never been good at research papers, so this is as god as it's gonna get :)

  3. I was wondering about her accent and beginnings, so you covered it lady. Bonus for the "Diamonds".

  4. I saw a video of hers and I thought it was super cute but I got distraaacted. Maybe I shoudl give another listen! Thanks T-bird!