Monday, January 25, 2010


Hello Crackers,
I am feeling rather uninspired at the moment, but I don't want that to be misconstrued as disinterest in this fabulous blog! So I thought I would share a little website/tool that has made my menstruating life a million times more convenient! The website is called Mon.thly Info:

It's so simple. Signing up takes about 20 seconds and believe me it's worth it! Every month when I start my period I log into mon.thly info and click that date on the calendar. The website tracks my cycle and then sends me emails!!! I get lovely period emails every month! I cannot even tell you how reassuring it is to be going apeshit and feeling like a crazy person and then get a sweet little email that says, "Just a friendly reminder from monthly info, your period is 2 days away!" Those emails are always followed by a big sigh, and an "Ohhhhh so that's why I'm eating cool whip from the container and sobbing watching project runway!!"

Also, any ladies interested in making a baby/trappin' yo man, you can sign up for ovulation reminder emails as well. So spread the word ladies!! Mon.thly Info is where it's at for women with working uteri! This website has changed my life and I hope it makes yours a little easier. Love you.

EDIT: 3:06
I've used this website for about 2 years now and so I have a good history/tracking built up, so I'm adding some screen shots so you can see the pay off of regular useage. Also, as Megan will attest to, you have to enter your period every month or else you will not get emails. They are a god send, but they are not uterus-readers.


  1. Yessssss! Love it!

    I already mentioned this to Kate, but since you can't all see our GChats, I've been keeping a menstrual calendar for a while and can second its helpfulness. When I got misty-eyed and brownie-hungry during Oprah's farewell announcement, I figured I was PMSing, but it's nice to have the verification. Also, when planning a vacation, event, party, whatever, it's a delight to know whether or not I'll be yelling at everyone or doubled over from cramps.

    Another period tip, which may be a little Earth Mama, is sea sponge tampons. Seriously... reusable, super comfortable, wallet-and-environmentally friendly, and (best of all) they don't contain the bleach and rayon of normal tampons that actually make you bleed more.

  2. hahaha! i just started an account.

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  4. Kate turned me onto this a while ago and when I was concerned enough to use it and I loved it! Great idea Katers. It's a great reminder to get back on this beast. I have to admit that since getting the iud upgrade, I rarely think about the timing of the ol' period, but it is really nice to know why you're feeling weepy!

    Tate, I've never heard of these...but I'm intrigued. I tried the diva cup a while ago and it was pretty uncomfy for me, so I'd like to research this furhter and see if it is a good substitute! Thanks!

  5. I had a DivaCup too and I freakin' hated that thing! I've heard that the Keeper is better, but the Diva soured me on the whole thing. They sell the sea sponge tamps at the Berkeley Bowl and a few places online. They run about $12 for 2, but they last for months. You use both on your heavier days and just one on the light days. When Aunt Flo leaves town, you just throw them in some warm water and apple cider vinegar or hydrogen peroxide to sanitize them - love it!

  6. i signed up! i can't wait to instantly stop crying when i get that first email that my period is coming!