Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Give it to me baby like BOOM BOOM BOOM


Summer Jam: Rihanna-Rude Boy

Hey y'all, I'm having a love affair with RiRi. I totally hated "rude boy: when I heard it, and when I saw the video I was like "....." but then i was like "...ok!"

I have listened to it/watched the video like 30 times at least today. Yikes. Anyway. Thoughts?

She got really dirty. Like explicit. I don't know where it's coming from, but I like it. I said "I wanna hear Rude Boy again" and my roommate Ronnie said, "Is this about what's his face who hit her?" Probably not.
Oldie but Goodie: Rihanna-Disturbia
I've also, been loving disturbia all over again.

Refreshing Beverage: Parrot Young Coconut Juice with pulp (yum!)
Oh my GAWWWWWDDDDDD. This is the most amazing drink ever. It's like $1 for a can at the liquor store near my house and it has replaced diet coke. I have one every other day or so. If you had too much to drink the night before this perks you right up, because apparently coconut water has way more electrolytes than Gatorade or smart water. 110 calories and it has pulp in it which is just delicious chunks of coconut. What's not to love?!
Frivolous fun thing to make you smile: Turquoise nails

My heart has belonged to this Essie "greenport" polish since I set eyes on it online back in December. Its collection had already sold out in stores so I had to pay $13 for it from an amazon seller. But it was well worth it and I have already made a huge dent in the polish as I wear it constantly. Sometimes I just stare at the bottle and start to panic, thinking "How can I explain to my roommates that this nail polish needs to stay in the refrigerator?" Apparently I am not the only person in love with this color. See: Beyonce "Why don't you love me" video. See also: countless hostesses and bartenders in San Francisco. Luckily ughhhh...American Apparel has made a very similar color

Malibu Green.


  1. Shit, girl. I had the exact same turnaround experience with "Rude Boy." It took a few listens for it to finally click and then it was just on 30x a day. It comes on and your hips start gyrating immediately. I described it to a friend who'd never heard it as "the most sexually explicit pop song I'd ever heard" and I think it deserves that label.

    Also, I LOVE that color. I think Sarah put it on me at her bachelorette party. I found a knockoff Sally Hansen version at the Walgreens the other day, which is close-ish but darker

  2. I wish I had agua de coco today because i had way too much to drink yesterday...wish you were there

  3. You know I love Rihanna. I love her style and her 'tude. I'm not crazy about her hair as of late, but I've been a huge fan of her hair in the past.

    I tried that coconut drink at that awful yoga place in the mission and I couldn't do it! I wanted to love it. Maybe I should give it another go. I trust your drink choices.

    Love you,