Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hodge podge

Here's some stuff I've been thinking about/enjoying:

blowing off my college education to start a hand pie business

tubing down a real lazy river in the heat

The Modern Lovers

Learning to play autoharp, with or without John Sebastian


THIS oatmeal pancake recipe, which makes even better waffles

This lady's whole deal (minus her choice of company) but especially her lavender fishtail braid and brown studded clog mules


  1. i told ashley this yesterday but i really REALLY want to open a small business that would be a clubhouse hangout. like we could sell yummy baked goods and fresh food, set up shop with any crafts we want to sell, maybe host lessons in crafting, and have the best couches west of wherever to sit with friends and be cool. oh and i'm so down to float down a lazy river...let's dooooo it

  2. Oh my gawwwwdddd Tianna - you are an enabler!

    Where can we get our river on? I'm effectively unemployed at the moment!

  3. I totally just saw the picture of the girl with the purple fish tail but I don't remember where!! Where did it come from? and can we PLEASE all just start a business together already!!! let's discuss this sunday.....

  4. Fishtail gurl is from - I've been following it since she took my picture at the Alameda Flea Market back in February and called me "Kate":

  5. There's an article in the new Bust mag about the girl that does the blog!