Saturday, July 24, 2010

all day I dream about femspiration


"...and then your body would just burst into fire. And the angel's wouldn't help you, cause they've all gone away..."

Yes, I was apart of the Twin Peaks craze. I've watched every episode and seen the movie a chamillionaire times. I wanted to be Laura Palmer. She lived on the edge so hard that she didn't care if it killed her. HOW COOL IS THAT?? She kept a secret journal behind her dresser and would smoke in her room when her parents weren't home and do cocaine in the bathroom of high school and had an older boyfriend that rode a motorcycle and a best friend that was freaked out when she'd talk about burning through space. She was the high school beauty queen that lived a double life by fleeing to Canada to do cocaine and sleep with dudes and dance the night away. Ugh, too cool.

MONA LISA VITO (My Cousin Vinny)

"You fucking shower, I'll get your fucking suit."

I recently re-watched this movie and forgot I much I love this woman. I love all of her clothes, her hankering for chinese food, her pool playing skills, her fake nails, her attitude, her pink camera, and her HAIR!

CLEMENTINE KRUCZYNSKI (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)

"I'm telling you right off the bat I'm high maintenance"

Clementine's an impulsive wreck that is a free spirit in the most non-hippy of ways. She's got pretty cool hair, pretty cool clothes, and a pretty cool apartment. She's bold, needy, spontaneous, talks fast, and most importantly, she's intensely in love, just the way I like it. To me, there is no other kind. Complete and utter consumption.

LAYLA (Buffalo 66)

"If you were my son, I would be really proud of you."

I have such a soft spot for martyrs. Allowing yourself to be kidnapped because you're attracted to your kidnapper is totally something I would do. She tap dances and likes hot cocoa and snuggling. I want to be her friend and drive in her shifter car with her.

ANDIE WALSH (Pretty in Pink)

"You know you're talking like that just because I'm going out with Blaine."

"Pretty in Pink" is by far my most favorite 80s movies. The fact that she doesn't choose Duckie still blows my mind everytime. People seem to think that "The Breakfast Club" or "Sixteen Candles" were Molly Ringwald's more memorable movie rolls. Well all I have to say is, fuck those movies. She works at a record store! Did you hear me? She's in high school and works at a record store! She's got the most gorgeous guy with the most wicked style after her (I'm talkin about Duckie, not Blaine). She makes her own clothes, lives on the wrong side of the tracks, drives a sweet car, and goes to clubs she's too young to get into. High school dream #147


"Well, it's just like - they're people I work with, and our job is being popular and shit."

She has more one-liners than you can shake a stick at and uses a monocle to write in her journal! Enough said.


  1. I really want to try Twin Peaks out. I've heard excellent reviews. Also, I really want to watch Pretty in Pink again because it's been so long that all the Molly Ringwald movies mesh together in a bowl of strawberry cake and ice cream. Wanna have a viewing soon?

    Megal excersizes

  2. I'm always ready to watch movies! That's all I wanna do all day. It really gets in the way of things. So YES! Anytime!

    ashtronomy class

  3. Marisa Tomei's hair rules in that movie and Molly Ringwald is the one who started my Karmann Ghia obsession.

    Also, please invite me over for any Twin Peaks/Pretty in Pink action.

    Yours Ghouly,
    Tate Park