Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Kiki D

Kirsten Dunst is my celebrity girl crush. I know she's not the greatest of actresses, or the prettiest of vampires, but I love her and will see any movie she's in and buy any magazine she's on the cover of. Some of my Kiki D favorites include Little Women, Dick, Spiderman(s), Kiki's Delivery Service, Fifteen & Pregnant, All I Wanna Do, Get Over It, Drop Dead Gorgeous, and BRING IT ON!!!

Whose your favorite celebrity girl crush ONTD?


  1. I love that you love Kiki so much. I remember when we were first bonding as friends. You told me about your girl crush and we watched a string of Kiki hits and I thought, "this girl is SO cool" (about you). I now have an appreciation for kiki.

    I'll get back to you with mine tonight!

  2. kirsten is one of my many crushes, may favorite of her movies is virgin suicides, but she's also adorable in the science of sleep (her little heidi 'so is adorable). however, the crown of my list is alison mosshart. etched in stone now that i've met her...

  3. I guess my girl crush would have to be Marion Cotillard. I've got another more obvious one, but she comes to mind now. I don't even need to list the reasons, but I will.

    She's lovely and gorgeous, yet humble and sweet. She's a fantastic actress with a dreamy voice that I could listen to all day. She is regal, yet real. She's great!

    I also have an "i want to be you because you're a badass" crush on Neko Case and Uma Thurman in the Kill Bill series (for different reasons. doi!).

    I have an "i think you are the most feminine creature" crush on Joanna Newsom.

    Megcellent Adventure

  4. hahaha Megan! (and Ashley) Kaitlin was talking about how AshCam said she looked like Marion Cotillard in Inception, and Ronnie said "Yeah but you lack her spirit and energy."

    He totally MEANT to say "SHE lacks YOUR spirit and energy."

    It's one of our new favorite phrases at home.

  5. hahaha that's too funny.

    I also want to say that I love that last pic of Kirsten. What a cool girl.

  6. I've been thinking long and hard about this and the only gal I wanna say.... Jenny Lewis.

    I'm almost embarassed by how cliche that is but she's got great hair, never wears pants, and has a genuine singing/songwriting talent.

    If she's out of the running, I'll say Madonna's daughter, Lourdes (aka Lola).