Friday, July 30, 2010

Things I love right now

Hello, hello, hello, hellooo,
It's 1993 in my heart.

can't stop listening to:

just bought these bad boys. not my style. totally bad ass girl boots, so I tried to tone them down with a cameo brooch. going to pair them with these next:


Been munching on this shizz (THANKS TATE!) I think I'm going to make it this weekend at home:

I'm even having a tender phase toward c.lo. taking this pic to aveda tomorrow to get cut 'n' color:
side note: new favorite blog:

also in heavy rotation:

annnnnnnd finally, this shit has changed my life!

I AM OBSESSED! It looks like colgate shaving cream or something, and it's only $6 at drug stores. It's a dry shampoo and it totally rules when you're a dirty bitch with greasy hair who has to look big business every day. It's also awesome for when you are actually ontop of your shit and have that dreaded, fluffy, freshly washed-can't do anything with it kinda hair. LOVE LOVE LOVE. It also smells like heaven. Just saying. Quit paying $25 for shitty dry shampoo from sephora, and quit being ghetto (like me up until I discovered this) and stop putting baby powder on your roots. It's bomb. Trust.

Update on my favorite nail polish everrrrrr. Essie made a new color that I thought was comparable, called turquoise and caicos. I am sad to report that though it's a lovely shade. It just doesn't compare to my beloved Greenport. Sad face. TOO GREEN. :(


  1. A. I also enjoy

    B. I love those boots/tights and hope I see you in them very soon

    C. Can't wait to see your hair

    D. I want some of that dry shampoo!

    Love you Beezus!
    RRrrraaamoooonnne (a)

  2. Lemme know if you crack the tofetti code! The Dark Horse is the textured vegetable protein.