Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I want to "come on down" for my birthday!

I know this post is a little premature, but I really want to go to the Price is Right this year for my bday! The day I would like to go is Monday, June 20th. If you get 15 or more people you are guaranteed a seat inside, so no camping overnight is necessary! I hope you all will accompany me on this gaming adventure. Also, please submit shirt/outfit ideas :) I'll make an event at a later date through facebook, but I am just pumped and wanted to share my excitedness with you all!


  1. HELL YESSS!!! Count me in for like 5 spots! Please please please consider another wheel of fortune try out! You are TOO GOOD!!!

  2. I would also like to sign up for 5 spots, please. Now you only need one more person wanting 5 spots! Really though, it's been a dream to go to Price Is Right ever since I watched it every morning over Latch Key Kid Summer Break 1992.

  3. Yes, I'd like to go too! Who's a Drew Carey fan? What makes him tick? Too bad Barker is out or we could say something cheesy about spaying and neutering our pets on our shirts. I think I've told you, but in 'who cares!?' news: I have been to the Price is Right 3 times and someone from my party got on once and won a dining room set!! So fun. Can't wait.

    Count me in!