Wednesday, January 12, 2011

tiny maids a milkin

I know this is an awkward 2005 style photo booth picture, but I just wanted to show my new favorite hair style for the last 20 mins. Since it's dark in my apartment, I had to stare lovingly into my own eyes while tilting towards to the window to be able to catch a glimpse. I flippin love milkmaid braids, but seriously my hair is too heavy to hold it up all day long (see my burden I have to carry Sarah!). SO I made some little milkmaid braids underneath my hair for a little headband of braids. This may be old news, BUT IT'S NEW TO ME! Is it cute enough to wear my hair down to work and risk lice? I think so! Plus I'm hoping it won't look so bad in a low pony with the braids. But anEway, that's my new news. You guys got any new news? Like some instant netflix movie suggestions? Or a new product you tried from Trader Joe's? I'm always look for a head's up on those.


  1. LOVE it. You should try freakin fishtail for this too. Your hair is a blank canvas for braiding that I'd like to braid on.

    WINNEBAGO MAN!!!! (netflix streaming)

  2. Lemme put it this way: braids are the ONLY thing I miss about having long hair. I wanna live vicariously through your braids, so I second Megan's fishtail idear.

    Netflix: The Craft, Chicago, Exit Through the Gift Shop, Louie, and Saxondale

    Food: Nancy's cultured cottage cheese (it's like cottage cheese and yogurt had a baby!) with diced pears and blueberries and Mountain Mix MOJO bars.

  3. you're so cute!! I looooovvvvvve that hairstyle. ROCK IT OUT GIRL.

    I'd like to give a non-recommendation:
    I finally caved and tried one of those dark chocolate/ bacon bars. Terrible. Absolutely terrible. If you are raggin' it hard (like moi) and need the salty and sweet, go with my TJ's PMS standby" dark chocolate almonds with turbinado sugar and seal salt. HEAVEN!!!

  4. L-O-FUCKING-L at my typos in the above comment. "SEAL salt?!?!?!"
    jesus take the wheel

  5. I have to write all of these recommendations down! Thanks gals! You're the BEST!!!

  6. i die. your hair is the most majestic mane i've come across. can we have a "style ashley's hair" party? where i turn you into every disney princess ever to skip across the silver screen?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?