Monday, January 24, 2011

Vaudeville or brothel? You decide!

I just realized I never shared this picture, when the whole reason I took it was to share it!

Anyway, last time I was in Chicago, I was rifling through a box of family photos when I came across this:

(Sorry for the cruddy quality - it is indeed a picture of a picture)

ANYWAY, I ripped it out of the box and waved it around. "WHO ARE THESE LADIES???" I demanded to know. Apparently the lady in the stripes on the far left is my great grandma Milton (!!!) with her "vaudeville troupe". Apparently the Miltons were vaudevillians by trade, but something about this photo (thigh highs? lollipops?) makes me think these ladies are selling more than song-and-dance routines.

Regardless of the dubious origins, I love this picture and my great grams stripey one piece.


  1. ahhh! This is so cool!!!

    Your Great Grams really stands out in this pic. Every time I go back to look at it my eyes go straight to her. So cool. Thanks for chering.

    p.s. to overly romanticize everything of yesteryear: why couldn't we have been in a vaudeville troupe?

  2. badassical to the max. the suggestiveness of those lollipops is sha-sha-shocking for the 30's?!?!

    meggles, we ARE a vaudeville troupe.

  3. Love your blog. Now following. Love these photos. So much inspiration.

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    Karoline Kalvo

  4. So awesome!!!!
    It's in your blood taters!