Wednesday, January 26, 2011

instant play recommendations

who knew i'd join the ranks of netflix whores? the instant option is weakening our ADD-addled society!! softening my brain! worsening my loss of long-term memory! and yet, it's exposed me to precious films i'd never have found otherwise. plus, it's nice to have something on while i'm sewing. so as per ashley's request a few posts ago, here is my list of favorite instant downloads, in no particular order:
I. slaves of new york
precious bernadette peters plays an artist's girlfriend trying to find her niche in the new york art scene. her outfits are amazing, her asshole boyfriend is really hot, and there's a steve buscemi cameo.** correction, this for some reason is no longer on instant play, but i still recommend watching it. sorry guys...
II. the eyes without a face
if any of you like B-movie horrors, this french film is a beautifully made one, about a young girl whose face has been mangled in a car wreck. the shots are eery, the fashion fun to look at. i don't want to give away the story, but if ya'll recall the framed photo of the bandaged girl on my tv shelf, the still is taken from this movie...III. daddy long legs
i have a thing for fred astaire. he's so graceful, and classy, and a little cheeky too. my heart throbs when he taps his toes. add the dazzling frenchie leslie caron (who is a classically trained ballerina as well), awesome set design, dance sequences and costumes, well just stick a fork in me cause i'm done.IV. radiant child
documentary about the artist jean-michel basquiat. a talented young artist in new york, who literally went from homelessness to dating madonna and acting as warhol's bestie... after watching this i was very inspired to draw and paint, then angry because i cannot do either of those things... but still. watch it!V. last tango in paris
a 70s marlon brando flick. follows the intense, almost brutal?, sexual relationship between a young lady and marlon, in paris. i'm a brando fan, to begin with (on the waterfront?!?! i die), and this semen-ted it for me. heheVI.ladies and gentlemen, the fabulous stains
long before diane lane mellowed out in middle age to make 'under the tuscan sun,' she made this killer teen movie as the front girl for a punk band, the stains. aside from the the girl-band inspiration, outfits are noteworthy, as are makeup tips, her fuck-it 'tude, and her man♥♥♥VII. play it again, sam
a woody allen film, what list is complete without one? am i right? the acting is particularly silly, diane keaton's outfits are quirky (this was pre-annie hall), and it was filmed HERE IN THE BAY AREA!! all over san francisco, a few spots in the north bay too. this is my favorite WA film, fo' realzies.VIII. the thing called love
one those almost-too-cheesy to watch girl trying to make big it movies. ALMOST. i loved it for many reasonz: sweet sandra bullock, miranda's very 90's outfits, it was filmed in my 2nd favorite city: nashville, and riverrrrrr phoeeeenixxx. listen for miranda's song about big blonde country hair...IX.phoebe in wonderland
elle fanning is adorable, and far easier to watch than dakota, in my personal opinion. a sweet story about childhood, coping mechanisms, and alice in wonderland. with a stellar cast: felity huffman (in a wig? still not sure), patricia clarkson in heidi braids :) and bill pullman, with familiar classy comb-back.X. fritz the cat
the title should be "being paul goins." an animation based on an R. crumb comic, this kitty has lots of sex, tries lots of drugs, and talks about the revolution, while making friends with all sorts of other animals...


  1. i looooove the thing called love!! haven't seen it in years...but if i remember correctly this made me want someone to ask me to marry them with a plastic ring from a vending machine so badly!

  2. it made me want river phoenix to propose to me with a vending machine ring...

  3. Awesome post Sarah! You a'speakin my language with all this movie talk! Consider it all up in my que!